DON'T WORRY! Your intuition knows exactly what you should do. Here's how to access that inner knowing...

The Moon is all about intuition! 

Access your intuition fast - anytime! With the THE MOONOLOGY MESSAGES oracle cards 

Your soul already KNOWS what you should do to solve your dilemmas and problems ... and to make your dreams come true. 

You just have to learn how to hear the messages. 

The Moonology Messages cards are perfect for helping you to access your intuition (inner tuition) fast - anywhere, anytime. 

Access your intuitive wisdom and steer your life how YOU want it to go

Sounds great, right? The problem is that we are all so busy! And that manic energy disconnects us with our inner wisdom. But there is a solution...

The Moonology Messages oracle cards have been created to allow you to connect with your inner tuition FAST. 

Once you start to tune into the cosmic messages coming from your soul, your Higher Self, your angels and guides, and even God/dess, you will know what to do.

With the Moonology Messages cards, you'll accomplish EVERYTHING you need to know to become a true intuitive - whether this is your first deck of cards or your fiftieth! 

Manifesting Oracle

Imagine feeling sure about the best way forwards. Once you learn to listen to the intuitive wisdom, you'll know exactly where to go and what to do.

The Moonology Messages cards will allow you to...

🌙 Hear Your Soul's Whispers

Each Moonology Messages oracle card is illustrated with stunning symbolic imagery from artist Ali Vermilion that speaks your soul. 

These images will spark the voice of your intuition, lighting up the path of insight, bypassing fears and allowing intuitive feelings and insights to come forward. 

The visual aspect of these magical cards will trigger inner knowing and revelations like you've never had before.
🌙 Access Cosmic Clarity

When you first start to work with it, intuition can feel wobbly. You wonder if the messages you're getting are real or wishful thinking. 

The super intuitive Moonology Messages cards provide a structure that will help to you quickly channel messages from your Higher Self, your angels and guides. 

They lead you towards answers and clarity. Every card pulled is a meeting with your inner wisdom.
🌙 Get Celestial Confirmations

Ever felt a nudge from the universe, but weren’t quite sure? 

Drawing a Moonology Messages oracle card feels like the cosmos whispering in your ear, offering immediate affirmations. 

It's as if the Moon is guiding you, validating your deep-seated feelings. 

The Moonology Messages offer powerful and swift acknowledgment of your inner wisdom.




Michele Harrod

I love the art work and the messages are wonderful!


Janet Arnold

They FEEL like a vibrational match and I am using them almost every day since I received them in my Club Membership box. What a delightful surprise. Thank you!


Patricia Kozlosky

The moon is my favorite. I was so excited when I received them in my Hay House box this quarter


Jayne Marie Yatczak

Just got them in the mail and am very excited to start using them



They have clear messages and imagery to allow for being able to work with the deck right away


3 Fab Free Gifts For Everyone Who Buys The Deck

The 8 Part Oracle Cards Mini-Mastery Course

Dive into the mesmerizing world of oracle cards with Yasmin's exclusive playlist, especially curated for Moonology Messages card owners. Each short video is a little treasure trove of insights, addressing the most frequently asked questions by beginners and seasoned readers alike.

Every video in this curated playlist offers a window into the expansive world of oracle card reading. Yasmin Boland's gentle guidance, combined with the cosmic power of Moonology, ensures that every cardholder embarks on a journey of deep introspection, clarity, and self-discovery. It's not just a playlist; it's a celestial guide to mastering the art of oracle reading. 🌙✨
1. **Can you combine oracle and tarot cards in a reading?** (1:57) - Explore the intertwining realms of tarot and oracle cards and discover if, and how, they can complement each other in a reading.

2. **When the cards answer a question you didn't ask!** (1:52) - Delve into the fascinating occurrences when the cards seem to have their own agenda and how to interpret these mysterious responses.

3. **How to shuffle oracle (and tarot) cards** (1:45) - Get hands-on guidance on one of the foundational practices in card reading. Whether you're a newbie or looking to refine your technique, this is a must-watch.

4. **Are the symbols in oracle cards important?** (1:37) - Uncover the rich tapestry of symbols in oracle cards and understand their profound significance in readings.

5. **When should you read oracle cards?** (2:43) - Timing is everything. Learn the ideal moments to consult your cards for the most resonant and insightful readings.

6. **What if you don't like the card you pull?** (1:46) - Navigate those tricky moments when a card might seem negative or confusing. Yasmin offers comforting insights and ways to understand and interpret challenging cards.

7. **When cards jump out during a reading...** (1:51) - Addressing one of the most intriguing phenomena in card reading, find out what it means when a card 'jumps' out and how to integrate it into your reading.

8. **What if you keep getting the same card?** (1:51) - Ever feel like the universe is playing a looped track? Yasmin Boland delves into the intriguing scenario of repeatedly drawing the same card. Find out why this happens and what the cosmos might be trying to communicate to you. 

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"The Moon in astrology is related to emotions, intuition, and our personal inner worlds..." - Mind Body Green

If you're new to oracle cards...

This deck of 48 Moon symbols is a perfect starting point - the messages are clear and simple. Even if you've never used oracle cards before, you will quickly be delighted with the accuracy of your readings.

If you're already a seasoned card reader

The Moonology Messages deck is a must for your collection because it combines the Moon's wisdom with symbols in the collective consciousness, allowing you to read for yourself, friends and clients in a way that allows for advice and predictions. 

Vertical cards

Your emotions have messages for you - they speak to you via your intuition. The Moonology Messages cards help you decode what they're saying to you

In my two previous decks, the Moonology and the Moonology Manifestation oracle cards, I adhered very strictly to the Moon as we know it in astrological terms. The MOONOLOGY MESSAGES deck is a departure from that model.

This deck cuts straight to your intuition. This wasn’t something I planned. It’s just worked out like that. It makes complete and utter sense though! As well as being about emotions, the Moon is also about the subconscious an intuition, astrologically speaking.

Is it intuition or wishful thinking?

The Moonology Messages cards will tell you.

Meet Yasmin Boland

Creator of the Moonology Messages deck...

Yasmin Boland is the creator of possibly the best-selling oracle cards in the history of oracle cards - the Moonology oracle!

She is also an award-winning astrologer and the Sunday Times best-selling author of books including Moonology, Astrology Made Easy, The Mercury Retrograde  Book and the Moonology Diaries (All Hay House). 

Yasmin is all about showing others how to use the Moon to create a dream life, as magical women have done for millennia. 

The Moonology Messages cards are a hugely important part of that journey of spiritual growth - make them a part of your spiritual tool kit.

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