Adventures in Moon Manifesting Workshop
It's the perfect place to start your adventures in Moon Manifesting

One of the most common requests I get from people is that I stream my live events. It's just not all that easy to organise, but here is the next best thing - a recording of my workshops. This one was recorded LIVE at the Mind, Body, Spirit Festival in London in May 2019. 
You will...
  • Understand the fundamentals of Moon manifesting 
  • See how Netflix and pizza do not a marvellous manifester make!
  • ​Get a magical chakra clearing chant so poowerful you should only do 10 times a day
  • Get a basic guide to the 8 main phases of the lunar cycle
  • Manifesting through the 12 signs of the zodiac 
  • ​Learn about the cosmic and angelic correspondences with the Moon
  • ​... and much more!

Very special offer available from this page only 

Normally this sells for £19.99 but if you order now you can 
 have it for just £12 - which I hope you agree is amazing value! 

That's about $23 instead of $38 Aussie dollars 
and about $15 instead of $24.75 US 

Who this workshop is for
* Astrology and/or moonology newbies 
* Anyone who wants to learn the Moonology basics
* People who know (or at least suspect) they're creating their reality 

Who this course is not for
* Anyone who doesn't believe they create their own reality 
* People who are are already astrology experts 
* Muggles
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