Adventures in
Moon Manifesting Workshop

Adventures in
Moon Manifesting Workshop

It's the perfect place to start
your adventures in Moon Manifesting

 One of the most common requests I get from people is that
I stream my live events. It's just not all that easy to organise, but here is the
next best thing - a recording of my workshops. This one was recorded LIVE at
the Mind, Body, Spirit Festival in London in May 2019.  

You will...

    Understand the fundamentals of Moon manifesting
    See how Netflix and pizza do not a marvellous manifester make!
​Get a magical chakra clearing chant so poowerful
you should only do 10 times a day
    Get a basic guide to the 8 main phases of the lunar cycle
Manifesting through the 12 signs of the zodiac
​Learn about the cosmic and angelic correspondences with the Moon
    ​... and much more!


Normally this sells for £19.99 but if you order now you can 
have it for just £12 - which I hope you agree is amazing value!

That's about $23 instead of $38 Aussie dollars and about
$15 instead of $24.75 US 
$23 AUD / $15 USD 

Who this workshop is for

• Astrology and/or moonology newbies 
• Anyone who wants to learn
the Moonology basics
• People who know (or at least suspect)
they're creating their reality 

Who this
course is not for

• Anyone who doesn't believe
they create their own reality
• People who are are
already astrology experts
• Muggles - Sun Moon and Stars Ltd PO Box 77180 LONDON W6 6ND