Some of the major themes for the year ahead include the mighty move of Uranus' into Taurus, there are 5 eclipses to work with, not to mention multiple Mercury retrograde cycles. All this and TON more is covered in the complete Create, Plan and Predict Your Life 2019 Kit.
What you'll get
  • Your full Horoscope Guide 2019
  • Yastrology Planner 2019
  • Chakra Clearing Chant Audio
  • Your Yastrology Guide to Finding Peace
30 Days Money Back Guarantee!
Do you want to be happier and more abundant in 2019?
  •   Do you want to be happier and more abundant in 2019 than 2018?
  •   Do you want to know your opportunities and challenges in 2019 in advance, so that you can plan your life around it? 
  •   Do you want to know what surprises 2019 has in store for you, immediately?

If you said YES to any of the questions above, I believe you’ll love the 2019 guide - the information here could change the way you will live your life in 2019.

But it’s not for everybody.

  •  If you think this kit is going to serve you like an almanac and predict every good or bad thing that is going to happen in your life in 2019, this guide is not for you.
  •  If you think you will be happy and abundant without any effort, just because your stars are good, you should probably close this page right now! 
  •  If you think there is no point in taking action in x area of your life just because your stars aren’t good, then nothing, including this guide, can help you!  

But on the other hand…

1. If you are willing to use this guide as a guide for making decisions

2. If you are willing to take consistent action towards improving your chances in a favorable area

3. If you are willing to be honest and fair to everyone, while trying to be happy in your own life…

Then, this might be the best gift you can give yourself – and it lasts for all of 2019.

What others have to say about Yasmin's work...
Thank you, I truly appreciate in what you do
I purchased your book Moonology when it was released and just want to say Thank You!!! I had a hard time understanding astrology/lunar cycles before- And I'm Grateful to you for finally explaining in a way that made sense and bringing clarity to me!! I recommend Moonology to friends, family, and others !!!
Thank you for your wonderful words of encouragement & gentle warnings, Yasmin! :-) 
May I take this opportunity to praise and thank you for your work. It always completes my day.
Thank you for all your readings, uplifting messages and advice.
Thank you so much Yasmin. Your articles always give me hope and inspire me. 
About Yasmin Boland
My name is Yasmin Boland, I’m an astrologer, I’m a moonologer and I’m living proof that working with the Sun, Moon and Stars can change your life. 

It’s not a story I have told before but the fact is that astrology and moonology came into my life when I was at my lowest ebb. I was coming out of the most destructive relationship I had ever had. You know, we all have that one love affair that leaves us completely undone? That one. 

I was learning about what it was like to be treated more poorly than I care to admit to, by someone who thought he could still toy with my emotions, even as I sat with a breaking heart. I broke off all contact with this man, knowing it was for my own good. He had always mocked me about my love of astrology and the fun I had with it. So as I tended my broken heart, I turned to the stars for advice. I started to study it in earnest. The time I would have spent with him, instead I spent with my planetary guidebook and my charts. 

Astrology and moonology showed me the way out of that mire and eventually led me to Paris where I made a wish under the Eiffel Tower under the New Moon and I ended up finding true love with mended my heart and restored my faith in romance. 

No matter where you are in life, I feel 100% sure that if you let it, astrology and moonology can help you.
Inside Create, Plan & Predict Your Life Kit 2019...
It contains 3 guides for you
Guide #1: Horoscope Guide 2019
  •   Discover opportunities and challenges in 2019 that will shape your happiness and chances for abundance so that you can plan your life. INCLUDES URANUS INTO TAURUS INFORMATION
  •   Know the twists and turns likely in crucial areas of life such as your love life and your finances, so you can live 2019 with optimism and inspiration 
  •   Know when you Power Month is and how to make the most of it 
  •   Learn your best mantra for the year ahead   
  •   Find out what’s likely to unfold for you at work 
Guide #2: The Perpetual New
Moon Angel Guide 2019
  •   Discover an incredibly easy way to connect with the angelic realm every single New Moon. Each New Moon is guided by one of the Archangels. This guide explains which Archangel is most prominent at each lunation.
  •   Find out what each of the Archangels can help you with most of all – their sort of “special subject” if you like. Once you know this, you can work on specific parts of your life at specific times of the year.   
  •   Plus you will be able to use the guide to work out where in your own personal horoscope each New Moon is taking place and thus which part of your life you’re getting a chance to start all over again.  
  •   Note that this guide is perpetual – you can use it forever! It will come to you with all the New Moon dates for 2019 which we will update for you next year via email.  
Guide #2: Yastrology Planner 2019
  •   Get all the most important dates for the year ahead in our super popular at-a-glance 2019 planner (now in it's 7th year)
  •   Knowing about the energies which are coming up ahead makes a massive difference and gives you a major life advantage! Now you don't need to be an astrologer to have all at your finger tips. Just grab our 2019 PDF planner.  
  •   It is available in 5 time zones: Sydney, Australia, Auckland, NZ, New York and LA, USA and London, England. 
You will get dates for...
  •    A list of the essential 2019 Power Dates
  •  The New Moons and Full Moons of 2019 and which sign they're in
  •  The moves of love and abundance planet Venus and which sign she is in
  •  All the Mercury Retrograde dates  
Guide #3: Chant and be happy
Chakra Clearing Chant

Finally, a new addition this year; because we are promising to help you change your life in 2019...

Yasmin has recorded a sacred chant she learned in India. It will help you to clear your chakras and you can listen to every day, or simply at every New and Full Moon, throughout the year.

If you're serious about consciously creating your life in 2019, you will need to be energetically clear - and clearing out your chakras is the easiest way to achieve this.

So to recap, everything you are getting...
  •     Our very popular Horoscope eZine – a guide for all 12 signs to 2019 (Valued at $19.99)
  •     Our popular at-a-glance A4 planner with listings of all the key 2019 astro dates (Valued at     $7.99)


  • Yasmin Boland's Exclusive Guide To Finding Peace With Key Meditation Dates For 2019
  •  An Exclusive Chakra Clearing Chant meditation audio
  • A Guide To Which New Moons In 2019 Are Special For YOU - And How To Tap Into Them (in the eZine)   
  •  A Quick And Easy Guide To The Highlights Of The Astrology Of 2019

To celebrate 2019, order the Create, Plan & Predict Your Life Kit 2019 for just $23.99

$27.98 if purchased separately on website

30 Day Money Back Guarantee...

If you are unhappy for any reason, let us know!

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee
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Guarantee #1 If for any reason you think my Create, Plan & Predict Kit 2019 isn’t the best $23.99 you’ve ever spent just send me an email within 30 days and I’ll gladly refund your whole $23.99 without any questions.

Guarantee #2 If you are not happy with my kit, I will not only refund your money but you can also keep the whole kit. You do not have to return it or delete from your computer. Maybe you can give it your friend.

How is that for fair?
Frequently Asked Questions
How is the kit different from New Moon and Full moon Info sheets?
The New and Full Moon Info Sheets are written purely to help you work with every lunation. They are a comprehensive guide to the energies of each New and Full Moon. They give you super powerful information for every month which you can use to create, plan and predict your life. They are pure moonology. This guide is different; it’s astrology rather than Moonology and gives you information based on the Sun, Moon stars. 
What if 2019 doesn’t turn up for me the way you predict in your kit?
As said earlier, the stars incline, they do not impel. The guides you are about to receive will give you a very clear picture of the energies you are working with. How you decide to use those energies is up to you. For example, just say you want to find love this year but you spend all your time at home alone, watching tv. All the good love stars in the world are not going to true love to the door (unless you fall in love with the postman or pizza delivery guy of course!) The point is, astrology and moonology are powerful maps to show you how to create, plan and predict your life – but an effort by you is also required! Make the most of the amazing and overall super positive energies of 2019 and use this kit as you guide. Together, you can become an unstoppable combination! 
Will the kit tell me if I am going to find true love/win the lottery/etc?
The kit will certainly tell you the best times to seek new romance, if you’re single, or to consolidate your relationship if you’re attached. It will tell you about the opportunities and pitfalls coming your way in the year ahead. However you also need to use these opportunities. It will tell you where you are lucky but you have to act on that! The purpose of the kit is to give you all the horoscope info you need to get a clear picture of what’s ahead energetically for you in 2019. If you are looking for exaggerated predictions, this kit is not for you!
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$23.99 for a guide to help you access happiness and abundance in 2019 comes to just $0.079c a day. 

Isn’t your daily happiness and optimism worth (much!) more than that? 

$23.99 is less than dinner and a movie … that might make you happy for a few hours, but this little investment is going to act like a guiding light for the rest of 2019 and beam happiness and inspiration throughout the year!

P.S. If you're skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was... for just $23.99, you're getting award-winning, Amazon best-selling author Yasmin Boland's 3 Most Popular New Year Guides + An Exclusive Bonus to help you create happiness and abundance in 2019 - usually this sells for $27.98 on the website. 
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