Do you need to move on?
Would you like to release your karma?
Do you want to boost your ability to manifest?
The Full Moon Forgiveness Kit truly can help you do all this.
What's in the free Full Moon Forgiveness Kit:
  •  The Full Moon Meditation to listen to as you drift off to sleep as an MP3
  •  The Forgiveness Formula (with music and binaural beats)
  •  A How To Forgive Someone mini-guide with information from my book Moonology
If you never forgive and move on, you will forever be carrying around emotional baggage.

Releasing rancour, resentment and upset once a month really is a minimum that we should do. Doing it at the time of the Full Moon is highly recommended because at Full Moon, emotions swell and come to the surface, as you know.

When better to deal with our upsets than when they're asking to be dealt with?

How does it work? Forgiveness releases karma

The Moon is the so-called "Queen of Emotions" and as she swells to fullness each month, our feelings come up to the surface to be dealt with.  That's why people are said to go "loony" at the time of the Full Moon. Get it? So many emotions and so few tools to deal with them! I talk about this alot. How to RELEASE at the Full Moon. But practically, what are you meant to do? 

If only there were some kind of formula to help us to let go, right? Good news; there is!
Before anything else, you need to contemplate the idea that...

Forgiveness Is Everything

Remember that forgiving is the key to everything, really. And Full Moons - Supermoons or otherwise - are times to let go of whatever is still hurting you one way or another. Understand that fear is involved on some level.

Full Moon forgiveness + gratitude is an absolutely essential part of the Moon manifesting cycle.

It's when we throw our emotional baggage overboard, all the better to release resentment that could otherwise block our ability to manifest and send out a clear signal to the Universe.

The video is part of a 3-part free video series I did to celebrate the launch of my new book Moonology. 
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