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 The Sun,
Moon and Stars


A Sacred Space for Manifesting Your Hopes, Dreams and Wishes. Heavenly Guided by the Moon, Magical Celestial Energies & Yasmin.

The Sun, Moon & Stars is a sacred space for magical women (and some enlightened men!). Here we get together and learn how to use the powers we were born with to create their own lives, one New Moon and one Full Moon at a time. Whether you're new to working with the Moon or already a full-expressed mystic, you are 100% welcome! 
Sun, Moon & Stars

Every month you will receive:

  • Details about the overall energies and alignments of the month ahead in a 20 minute podcast from Yasmin so you can prepare
  • New and Full Moon Info Sheets so you know exactly where the New and Full Moon will be affecting you 
  • A guided meditation designed to help you deal with any issues likely to be raised by the passage of the Sun and Moon that month
our BELOVED SUN, MOON & STARS members are lavished with love
We help magical people who want to make the most of their lives tune into the celestial energies which swirl around us all. Sometimes these energies challenge us and sometimes they give us exactly the boost we need to create the lives we are dreaming of. In the Sun. Moon & Stars, we offer you a star map, so to speak, so you can  understand and connect with the heavenly energies, with a focus on the Moon, our closest celestial body and the source of Divine feminine energy. 

  • A Sanskrit chant to help you align to the month's solar energies 
  • A daily calendar listing all the big themes of the month ahead so you can check out the daily energies on the day or in advance
  • An 'Oracle With Yasmin' monthly Zoom catch up where we chat and Yasmin reads your cards
  • And more! 


Sandra - Canada

Lori - USA

Anete - Scotland

Full Moon
The Sun, Moon and Stars Moonology

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