Get the New Moon eclipse workshop on demand

June 10 brought a powerful New Moon eclipse and I'll celebrated it with a live New Moon eclipse workshop. 

We talked about:

• the art of wishing
• why the New Moon is primo manifesting time
• how eclipses factor into the manifesting cycle
• the best way to make wishes
• what you need to know about THIS particular New Moon


It's FREE and it will help you to not only make the most of THIS eclipse but of all future New Moon eclipses as well!

Who will love this:

• Anyone who already knows - or at least strongly suspects - they're creating their reality with their thoughts
• Anyone who knows they need to change their mindset
• Anyone who needs to shrug off the past year and start OVER

Who this isn't for:

• Muggles
• Cynics
• People who already know everything!
• Can't think of anyone else!

What do you get as a special bonus?

We always LOVE to give a bonus but this time, you won't find out about it until the event itself - it's a secret squirrel thing we are doing to allow you access to something currently closed. You won't get another chance like this until September!

6 things you need to bring to the workshop


An open heart (because without that, you can't make wishes)


An open mind, because either your mind is open or it's shut


At least ONE heartfelt wish (you can actually bring 3 or more...)


At least a glimmer of a belief that you can change your life


A pen and paper, because that's how we do this stuff


A Facebook account because we're doing it as a live on there

The event lasted around an hour... 

Eclipses are times when the Universe changes gears...

About the author

Yasmin Boland is an award-winning astrologer and best-selling Hay House author

Yasmin is an astrologer with a special interest in the Moon (and therefore also in eclipses!) Her book Moonology has been in the amazon astrology best-sellers list for 250+ weeks and her work has been translated into more than 15 languages. - Sun Moon and Stars Ltd PO Box 77180 London W6 6ND