FREE: Astrology Basics Mini-Course
Perfect for complete novices or anyone who has only just started out on their astrological journey!
  • VIDEO ONE: New layers of information connected to your Star sign - some of this information (about elements and quadruplicities) will almost certainly be fresh to new students¬†
  • VIDEO 2: The meaning of your Moon sign. Your Moon is one of the most personal planets in your birth chart. Find out what where yours is and what it means
  • ¬†VIDEO 3: Information about all 10 planets in your birth chart based on your time, date and place of birth. You find out what all 10 represents
"This mini-guide is everything you need to kick-start your 12 month New Moon practise - stick with it and it can change your life - for sure!"

Yasmin Boland
Award-winning astrologer and moonologer, best-selling Hay House author of Moonology and writer of the Aries New Moon mini-guide
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