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Overcome overwhelm. Make the most of the energies - ask yourself these 5 questions under the Capricorn Full Moon

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  • Inventory: Take an inventory of your feelings, based around CAPRICORN topics and themes
  • Identify: Knowing how you feel shows you where you need to do more work 
  • Release: Once you admit your feelings to yourself, you can release negativity more easily - and that makes you happier and a more powerful manifestor, too! 
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Be bold! Use the Full Moon (and all the heightened emotions which come with it!) to do a comprehensive and conscious emotional clear out. 
The 5 questions are centred around the SIGN that the Full Moon is in. Ask yourself these questions and answer honestly to give yourself a proper audit. If you do the Full Moon work now, you will be OH so much clearer when it comes to doing your New Moon manifesting in two weeks. It takes just a few minutes and you can now fill in the questionnaire on your computer!
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