Yasmin Boland
Astrology Secrets Revealed

A 3-part webinar that's perfect for complete novices or anyone just starting their astrological journey!


Do you want to go deeper into astrology? 

To learn more from me about how you can learn to read the Sun, Moon and stars for signs, look out for my FREE webinar series—Astrology Secrets Revealed — relaunching in May 2021! 

The first webinar in the series, The Secrets of your Sun Sign, will be available from Tuesday, May 18, 2021 at 12:00 PM PT / 3:00 PM ET / 8:00 PM GMT. Click the button below and we'll send you a reminder before this free webinar series begins so you don’t miss out!
SECRETS OF YOUR SUN SIGN: Go beyond your star sign! Get new layers of information connected to it. This information (about elements and quadruplicities) will almost certainly be fresh to new students 
THE MEANING OF YOUR MOON SIGN: Your Moon is one of the most personal planets in your birth chart. Find out what where yours is and what it means
ALL THE PLANETS IN YOUR CHART: Information about all 10 planets in your birth chart based on your time, date and place of birth. You find out what all 10 represents

Meet Yasmin Boland

Award-winning astrologer and best-selling Hay House author Yasmin Boland is read by millions of people each month, via her columns in newspapers and magazines around the world, and on the web including the Sunday Telegraph, Yahoo and Red and Closer magazines. 

She is the author of several other books, including Astrology Made Easy and Moonology, which has been a top 10 Amazon UK astrology best-seller for more than 3 years since its 2016 publication.

You can read her Daily Moon and horoscopes on www.yasminboland.com
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