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Special Offer: Get the COMPLETE Create, Plan and Predict Your Life Kit in 2019 featuring all the info about the year ahead for all 12 signs. It contains Horoscope Guide and Yastrology planner+ 3 great bonuses for only $23.99. SAVE $3.99 on this complete kit.

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Inside the workshop...
  • A brief guide to the 8 phases of the lunar cycle !
  • A list of the dates and signs of the 13 New Moons of 2019!
  • Special focus on the 3 New Moon eclipses of 2019 !
  • How to do a monthly Oracle or Tarot card New Moon spread ?
  • How to use forgiveness to boost your Moon Manifesting ?
  • A fast look at each and every New Moon of 2019 !
  • Evergreen recipe for a New Moon ritual !
  • Working with the elements at the New Moon!
  • 100% 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!
Please note that while the workshop refers to the first New Moon of 2019, it had already been and gone by the time of the January 13 workshop! However as it's an eclipse, it's "in play" until mid-2019, as mentioned in the video.
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