The Promises and Pressures of 2020

 LEARN: Where success is promised in 2020 for you

 DISCOVER: where your challenges in 2020 are to be found


 UNDERSTAND: on that basis, what is my BEST advice to you? 

We're offering you a 2020 FREE mini-guide which summarises the promises and the pressures you'll face in the year ahead into under 100 words! Imagine going into 2020 with this information... then click below to access it now.

Make 2020 an amazing year - get ahead of it now!
2020 looks like a year of opportunities. 

So what do you want to achieve? The best way to go into 2020 is to be aware of the energies we are all going to be dealing with. 

My Promises & Pressures 2020 Guide gives you a quick and easy synopsis of the opportunities opening up to you and the obstacles you will need to get around. And best of all, it's free. Join the thousands of people who have already downloaded it. 

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Written for you by award-winning astrologer and best-selling Hay House author Yasmin Boland whose work also appears in the publications listed below
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