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7 Days to Mastering Moon Manifesting

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7 Day Moonology Manifesting

DAY 1:
Let this Challenge meet you wherever you are along your journey…

Before we begin to manifest, we have to clear away all of the baggage that is blocking our potential. Anger, fear and rejection accumulates along our life journey, and now is the time to shed it so that we can start afresh, with a clean slate. In other words, you need to release the past! (So as a first step, please stop talking about it!)
Day 1

DAY 2:
You can't get what you want until you know what you want

This workshop is all about getting clear on what you want and breaking it down into achievable steps. To prepare for today, start to think about what it is that you truly want most of all, and this will be where your energy is focused. Deciding what you want can be confronting but lead to breakthroughs.

DAY 3:
Smashing through self-limiting beliefs...

In today’s workshop, I want to get to the essentials of what has been holding you back from fulfilling your true potential.
So we’ll be diving deep and shedding light on what you have been told about yourself by others and how this has shaped what you now believe about yourself. Deep, deep, deep. We will also talk about the biggest obstacle to manifesting.

DAY 4:
Feeling all the feels of your dream life  

Now that you are clear on the future that you want, today you start to feel what that; looks like, feels like, smells like, tastes like and looks like.
Engaging all of your senses to imagine yourself living a day in your wishes-come-true life. I did it, countless others have done it and you can do it too!

DAY 5:
Affirming your commitment to what you want to manifest

Powered by the magic within, you’re unstoppable in this moment. Now let’s supercharge those manifesting powers and declare your intentions to the Universe ahead of the upcoming New Moon.

DAY 6:
A Dark Moon ceremony together 

Today we will do the Dark Moon Ceremony together, you’ll learn a chant to the amazing Goddess Kali and you’ll create an altar at home, to help manifest wishes and attract in the positive things that you want in your life . 

DAY 7:
New Moon wishes – it's time! 

Today is the day when we bring it all together. Everything you’ve learned about yourself and what you want most out of life, and everything that we’ve practiced this is the day when it all comes together. Set your intentions and then release your dreams out into the Universe.   

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