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A live webinar for Gemini Rising people


March 25, 2020 ~ for Gemini Rising people

All you need do is ask and believe,
and it's yours. 

Well, pretty much. Don't believe me?
Just try it!

Your Divine destiny was written in the stars the moment you came into the world. Using the heavenly celestial bodies to help guide you on your quest, all you need do is ask, believe and it is yours.

Join me as we embark on this extraordinary journey to reclaim your ability to consciously create your life, starting with Taurus/Taurus Rising people.

A live workshop with Yasmin Boland on or around March 24 for Gemini Rising people.

Note that if you can't make the live event, we'll send you the replay!

A lucky and liberating experience

What’s preventing you from living your best life 
NOW rather than waiting with a ‘once I’ve got 
this/or done that/or this has happened, then I'll 
be happy’ mindset?


But it is so important to get into the right "energetic" state before you start to manifest. The video on the left answers this and lets you know how I can help you with this. 

Please, let me introduce
you to the idea of the 11th
 House New Moon
Concious creation.

We will talk about why 
this is THE big New Moon 
wishing Moon for YOU

Plus we'll discuss how 
your lucky Wishing New 
Moon is looking...

How to make the most of 
the energies around you 
right now

Feedback from workshop participants

Your host

Yasmin Boland

Yasmin Boland is an award-winning astrologer and best-selling author of books including Moonology (Hay House), which at the time of writing has been in the Amazon astrology best seller lists for more than 200 weeks!

You can read Yasmin's columns in magazines and websites around the world including Red and Closer in the UK and on Yahoo, Australia and in the publications listed below

Seize the moment

 if you weren’t ready now, the universe wouldn’t 
have led you to see this!
And prepare to receive a modern combination or 
wisdom and celestial blessings, in words and 
Remember, this month it's especially for Gemini Rising people

The price of an hour all about YOU? 

Just £19.99

That's about $25 US and $38 Aussie

Note that if you can't make the live event, we'll send you the replay!

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