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The Full Moon is time to be grateful for all the good in your life and surrender everything else to the Divine. It creates magic. 
Why? All our emotions swell and come up to the surface at Full Moon - easier to access + process!
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Time to the Full Moon in Capricorn on 21st July
Time to the Full Moon in Capricorn on 21st July
Forgiveness puts you in elevated states of mind 
and seems to completely change the way you function in the world.  

- Dr. James V. Hardt,  BSc Physics, MSc & PhD Psychology, and Postdoctoral in Psychophysiology, founder of The Biocybernaut Institute

What some of the best minds on the planet say about the power of forgiveness

Forgiveness is a core theme in spiritual practices, and it’s necessary if we want to live with freedom and grace.

- Gabby Bernstein, #1 NYT best-selling author 

What could you want forgiveness which cannot give? Do you want peace? Do you want happiness? All this forgiveness offers and more. 

- A Course In Miracles

People who forgive readily let go and are thus liberated from, years, even decades, of suffering, anger, guilt, bitterness, hatred, unworthiness. Liberation comes from letting go.

- James V Hardt, the Biocybernaut Institute

Forgiveness is a superpower. Forgiveness puts you in elevated states of mind and seems to completely change the way you function in the world.

- Vishen Lakhiani Founder, Mindvalley

Forgiveness releases karma

- Jennifer Hoffman, author of Ascending Into Miracles

Forgiveness is for yourself because it frees you. It lets you out of that prison you put yourself in. It wipes the slate clean to let other things come in.

- Louise L. Hay , founder Hay House
You will also receive info about the crystals we use each month in our Full Moon grid

Do you love the Moon and crystals?
It's said that crystals have been used since Atlantean times - and now we use them too, to create powerful grids in alignment with the Moon's cycles.
The grid we do this month will be all about releasing the past, unblocking blockages and letting go so that you can move on. Setting a grid at the time of the Full Moon is SO important will empower you in your release work and sit charging your home or office and reminding you of your intentions to move beyond your past so that you can have a happier present and therefore a happier future too. This is one of the most powerful tools I can give you. All the crystals we will be using will be listed in the PDF.
You Information is 100% Secure And Will Never Be Shared With Anyone.
The Full Moon is a super powerful time to release the past!
I've been working the with Moon for 20 years, learning about conscious creating in mind-blowing ways.
What you will learn...
The 5 Most Important Tips:
  • The Full Moon worksheet will help you to work through questions connected to all the main themes of the coming Full Moon. 
  • The Full Moon Forgiveness Kit gives you a comprehensive you need to know about how to forgive and move on at the time of a Full Moon.
  • A crystal grid is a super powerful way to harness your intentions under the Full Moon  energies. 
  • We will build the grid together online at a free Facebook Live you will be sent details about once you download. If you can't make the Facebook Live, you'll have free access to the replay 
  • Yasmin has been working with the New and Full Moon wishes for 20 years but is a "crystal newbie" so if you are too, it will be perfect for you to learn together
  • We will program the grid with our intentions and leave it in place for two weeks, until the time of the next New Moon in a fortnight's time, cleansed, we will start over! 
You Information is 100% Secure And Will Never Be Shared With Anyone.
You will also receive...
* Free sign-up to the (free!) Moon Lite Club to keep you on track with your Moon manifesting

* An emailed invitation to join Yasmin's free Facebook Live so you can work with her to build the crystal grid
* A link to find out the time of the Full Moon wherever you are in the world 

* An invitation to join Yasmin's private Facebook group where you can stay up to date with events and meet like-minded souls
Here's the thing; wishes really can come true - if you believe in them! 
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Yasmin Boland calls herself "a Moonchild who teaches about the astrology of the Moon". She is in fact a former journalist and tv producer turned best-selling author and award-winning astrologer. Her Hay House book Moonology has been in the top 5 astrology bestsellers lists for three years and her horoscope and New Age columns are read by millions of people around the world every month. 
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  • Yasmin is probably the world's leading astrological authority on the Moon. Yasmin knows her stuff
    - The late, great UK astrologer extraordinaire, Jonathan Cainer
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  • I love Yasmin Boland. She has a special way of making astrology simple. 
    - Rebecca Campbell,  best-selling author of Light Is The New Black 
  • The most important thing to know when working with Yasmin is she is an absolute master in her fields of expertise in astrology, coaching, and the art of self expression.
    - Amrita Anjani, founder of 'The Purpose Project' - Sun Moon and Stars Ltd PO Box 77180 LONDON W6 6ND