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Moon Manifesting Made Easy online course! 
A 3-hour, 3-part online workshop that will teach you all the basics of how to consciously create your life with the Moon as your cosmic timer
The idea for this online course came to be fully-formed as I did a meditation in the Self-Realization Fellowship Gardens in Encinitas, California. I made a commitment there and then, to return to London and record it professionally - and here it is! 
Works on all devices - 3 hours of learning
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The course is about 3-hours long, easy to understand with lots of resources and PDFs to help aid your understanding and learning.
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What's in the course?
I've condensed tons of learning into a super-simple and straight-forward 3-hour course
Module 1 includes

  • The Importance of your Rising Sign: This FAQ needs to be answered! 
  • Ooooh: Find out about astrology's dirty secret 
  • Learn: How to decode your chart 
  • Manifesting: Why your energy is so important 
  • The Moon: As a cosmic timer
Module 2 includes

  • Lunar Cycle: The 8 main phases explained in hard-core learning sessions
  • Void of Course Moon: What is it? 
  • Crucial: The waxing and waning cycles
  • Learn: when is good for intentions 
  • Learn: when it's time for surrender 
Module 3 includes

  • Ancient information: Where does it come from?
  • ​Forgiveness: Why it's important and could change your life 
  • Feelings: They're your secret weapon in manifesting 
  • Working with the heavenly realms: Angels and Goddesses 
  • Ceremony: Ideas for you from me
Yasmin inspires me everyday. I am so excited by your course.
- Venessa
Did Yasmin's LA workshop. Can't wait for this course! 
- Melinda 
 I am so excited about Yasmin’s Moonology Made Easy Course! 
- Kimberly 
- I love your work and love you, Yasmin. Can't wait for the course! 
- Rachel 
Details on the course PLEASE 🤩
- Tina
Yasmin’s Hay House Astrology course changed my life. I’m SUPER excited about her new Moonology course. 
- Venus 
Who this course is for
* Astrology and/or moonology newbies 
* Anyone who wants to learn the Moon Manifesting basics
* People who know (or at least suspect) they're creating their reality 
Who this course is not for
* Anyone who doesn't believe they create their own reality 
* People who are are already astrology experts 
* Muggles

Remember - it's a super-special price because it's a pre-order! 

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