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What Does 2022 Have In Store?

At last some good news! 

After a pretty rough 2020 and 2021, you might be wondering what next for us mere mortals here on planet Earth! 

There are positive vibes ahead! 

While 2020 had the pandemic marker of the Jupiter/Pluto conjunctions and 2021 rattled us around with its rolling series of Saturn/Uranus squares (which were as painful for some as they sound!) the skies are looking FAR happier for 2022.

Looking at 2022, there are only three major planetary alignments, and they all happen in the first half of the year.

• In February, lucky Jupiter meets exciting Uranus
• In April, expansive Jupiter meets meditative Neptune
• In May, we get a meeting between amplifying Jupiter and passionate Pluto

So what does this mean?

In a nutshell, all changes now should be way more positive. There is room for exciting expansion in 2022. Those of us on the spiritual path will be supported. Some of the dramas of 2020 will start to fade as the skies open up the way for massive transformation out of the ashes of the past few years. 

The Moonology Diary takes all this into account as the sort of "background story" of the  year. Against this, we look at the 25 New and Full Moons and the four eclipses.

How can we use all these energies to create our dream lives? 

The Moonology Diary 2022 is a companion for the year ahead. Use it to achieve your goals, attune to the higher energies of 2022 and to create your own good luck. 

It really is a potentially life-changing diary! 


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In this diary you'll discover ...

 • How to harness the power of the 25 New and Full Moons of 2022

 • How to make the most of the four eclipses 

• How to embrace the magic of New Moon wishing and Full Moon forgiveness

• How to consciously create what you want in your life 

The energies of 2022 are radical, transformative and inspiring, and there's a lot of good luck in the air! Use this diary to tap into these energies and manifest with the Moon, so you can unleash your full potential and power. Create, plan and prepare for a year promising abundance, connection and excitement! 

Bring on 2022!

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