January was a free pass.

Are you ready now to work with all the New Moons of 2019? 
I am delighted to offer you full access to my recent 3-hour workshop in London, all about the 13 New Moons of 2019. 

We had the first one (an eclipse!) at the start of January and here comes the second one. 
If you want to know how to work with all the New Moons of the year, I think you will love the 13 New Moons of 2019 workshop recording... it's got lots of sacred by accessible information and our 4-cameras provide an almost-like-being there experience without having to leave home. And you can press pause, too! 

When I tell people I am running a workshop, so many of you write back to ask for it to be recorded. And so we did it! 

The workshop was held (and recorded) in London on January 13 2019 post the first New Moon of the year. It's to-the-point, 3-hours long and teaches about when the 2019 New Moons are, what they're all about, with an emphasis on the eclipses, how to work with the New Moon every month via beautiful rituals and ceremonies, as well as how to use the New Moons to consciously create a better 2019.

You can refer back to it again and again.
The workshop offers...
  •  A guide to the 8 phases of the lunar cycle
  •  A list of the dates and signs of the 13 New Moons of 2019 
  •  Special focus on the 3 New Moon eclipses of 2019
  •  How to do a monthly oracle or Tarot card New Moon spread
  •   How to use forgiveness to boost your Moon Manifesting
  •  A fast look at each and every New Moon of 2019
  •  Evergreen recipe for a New Moon ritual
  •  Working with the elements at the New Moon
Plus if you order now, you will receive these 3 great bonuses
Totally free of charge
The Full Moon eclipse guide
We're out of eclipse season but the effects of eclipses we've just had will last for up to six months - up to the time of the next eclipses. This 4000 word PDF mini-guide gives you a ton of info about the power of lunar eclipses.
A list of all the Moons of 2019
Once you start to work with the New and Full Moon, you will start to see what a powerful and life-changing process it can be - so then you will want to know the dates in advance so you can make plans for your rituals 
Audio looking at 2019
I recorded this audio looking at the astrology for the year ahead for my friends at Hay House. Now I would like to share it with you. I am told by people who've heard it that it's highly informative and enjoyable.
Plus we'll give you a link to download the slides of the workshop as well as some other bonuses
This workshop is for you is you love to work with the New Moon but need guidance.
Some of the wonderful feedback we got from the workshop's participants
Yasmin Boland's work can be seen in
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