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00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

Seize The Moment

Order now and you’ll instantly receive two bonus ‘Conscious Clearing’ gifts

Consciousness clearing bonus #1
A video to with ideas and tools to help you raise your vibration ahead of your New Moon manifesting practice.
Consciousness clearing bonus #2
A New Moon Preparation Meditation 
to help you to get in touch with that part
of you that is magical.

You are ready for this - that's why you're here!

If you weren’t ready now, the universe wouldn’t have led you to see this,
plain and simple And prepare to receive a modern combination of wisdom and celestial blessings, in words and ceremony.

Yasmin’s Concious
Creation Experience

What you’ll learn:

1. Join me as we embark on this extraordinary journey to reclaim your ability to consciously create your life
2. Discover why this is THE big one for YOU to
3. Learn how to make the most of the energies around you right now, and have them work in your favour
4. Get insights on your year ahead!
5. Set your intentions and plan for where your focus should be to make the most of the supportive celestial energies
6. How the Mercury and Venus retrograde cycles will play out for you
7. ​All you need do is ask and believe, and it's yours.
You will have also have a chance to submit advance questions to Yasmin by email.

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